I painted the nails/claws and teeth on my Gretchin today. It makes a big difference to how they look to have that fine detail picked out – even in a simple, amateurish manner.

I think I’m left with the eyes and the bases, and then I’m done with the Grots, and can go back to the Boyz and maybe the Deffkoptas.

Failed to find any Stirland Mud yesterday, as the GW stockist in Chippenham still had just the old paints.


New Paints!

I happened to be in town yesterday lunchtime, so I popped in to the GW to try out the new paints. Colour me impressed.

I was mainly interested in having a go with the new texture paint. I like it a lot. It’s quick and easy, and there’s potential to do interesting things by building it up into ridges and whatnot. The pots (of Armageddon Dust) that they had out were all more than half-empty though. I can see myself using this up very quickly.

I then tried Mephiston Red, the red base paint. This was good. I tried one coat followed by a shade on one part of the model, and two coats somewhere else. One coat isn’t quite enough – you could still see past the shade to where it hadn’t gone on evenly. However, two coats gives a very vibrant red over a black undercoat.

The white base – Ceramite white – was similar in needing two coats to give a good, even, bright colour over a black undercoat. That’s still miles better then what I can do with my current paints.

I have loads of paints already, but I will certainly be buying some texture and base paints as soon as possible, and probably some dry paints too.

I was excited enough to do some more painting on my Grots – most of them only need eyes and teeth painting now – so perhaps they will be ready to be based by the time I get my hands on some Stirland Mud.

Any progress is better than none

I am slow. Sorry. However, the skin on all of my Grot herd is now Catachan Green, the Crimson Fist marine is recognisably of that chapter, and there are other colours on some of the clothing of the Grots!


You might be able to see that one shoulder pad of the other marine is now brown. I am attempting to build up to yellow from a black undercoat, via brown. Eavy Metal did this once for Louen Louencoeur.