I have brought the child to Scotland for this past weekend. For some reason I thought the new paints were being released yesterday, so I brought some of my models with me so I could try one of the new texture paints for basing.

Fortunately I realised my mistake before turning up at the store, so instead I had a little time to start painting a deffkopta.

It was an opportunity to test the strength of the magnets, and none of my models came loose after 480 miles of driving, so that’s a good sign.

Docbungle linked to an article about dice, so I worked out that if I rolled all my D6 the chance of not rolling any 6’s is approximately 1 in 709.


On Budget day

It’s the day of the Budget in the UK today, and so thoughts naturally turn to money, or these days, the lack of it.

I followed up my honesty about my miniature stash by sharing with my girlfriend the current retail cost of my Ork collection (about £200). You might think this is shooting myself in the foot, but we don’t have any spare money anyway, so it’s academic.

Since things started to get tight with money we began to keep a close eye on our finances. So far this year we’ve spent the same amount of money as has come in – except there’s still 11 days of March to go, and we need to buy food and fuel. so we’re going to be down a bit by the end of the month.

In April things get really interesting, because I’m expecting that we’ll be losing about £60 from the monthly budget. Consequently, I’ve started spending a lot of time in the garden in an[other] attempt to grow some food. Maybe we’ll find a lodger.

I’m a long way from being forced to take to ebay with my stash of GW miniatures, but given that I was the sort of person who used to be able to buy large amounts of stuff from GW without having to think about the price, then things do look to be tough out there.

Hopefully I will soon have enough money again to be able to make more GW purchases, and perhaps I will even have painted more of what I already have!

A desk of my own

..I showed the List to my girlfriend.

Why did I do such a thing?

Well, partly it was because the shiny toy syndrome was becoming strong. It’s not that I wanted her to actually stop me from buying a Necron barge, some Dwarf warriors, Tomb King chariots or a Dark Eldar raider, just that the act of publicly admitting to how many unpainted models I had would help me to control myself.

Naturally her first reactions were of amused surprise, then borderline hysterical shock. Fortunately, the List was long enough that she had recovered her poise before the end was reached.

Then she said two things. Firstly, “I suppose you’d better spend some more time painting all this,” which was followed up by, “would it help if you had the desk in the spare room to paint on?”

And so, now I have a desk of my own for hobby things.


I’d say that worked out quite well, all things considered.

Though I’m going to have to rely on my daughter buying me models for birthday/Christmas presents until, oh, about 2020 or so.

The List

During one of my recent >12 hour coach journeys across Britain I decided to make a list of all the Games Workshop miniatures that I own. After all these years it’s hard to keep track of all that I have, and I thought it would be worth reminding myself how many exciting models I have to paint.

As best I can I’m going to use bold to indicate models that are painted and italics for models that have at least been assembled – and possibly partly painted. Everything else is still on sprue…

–Warhammer 40,000–

Assault on Black Reach Orks:
Plastic Warboss
6 Nobz with slugga and choppa
20 Ork boyz with slugga and choppa, includes 2 with big shootas.
3 Rokkit Deffkoptas

2 boxes of Ork boyz
4 Shoota boyz
The rest of another box of Ork boyz
3 Warbikers
A Trukk
Kombi-Skorcha Nob
Other 4 Nobz from Nobz box
10 Gretchin and Runtherd
10 Gretchin and Runtherd
One box of 5 Lootas/Burnas
One box of 5 Stormboyz
A GorkaMorka Rokkit Buggy
A GorkaMorka Mek

Some GorkaMorka Bikers

~~Blood Angels~~
1 tactical squad
1 assault squad
1 devastator squad
Terminator squad
Another terminator squad
2 scout squads
1 bike squad
1 scout bike squad
Predator tank with autocannon and lascannon sponsons
Whirlwind missile tank
Baal predator tank
Land Speeder with heavy flamer and multi-melta
Furioso dreadnought

Commander Dante and Honour Guard
Death company with Rhino

Librarian terminator

~~Other space marines~~
Land Speeder
Land Raider
Assault on Black Reach dreadnought, captain, tactical squad and terminator squad
Metal assault cannon dreadnought
Bjorn the Fell-handed
Vindicare and Callidus assassins
Various tactical marines, including second edition statue marines

~~Imperial Guard~~
1 Cadian Guardsman with Aquila symbols removed
The other 19 Guardsmen from the old-style box
3 oop metal sentinels (sell on eBay?)
Leman Russ This was originally painted by my good friend Martyn for his Genestealer cult army.

12 Fire warriors
16 Kroot carnivores
4 Kroot hounds
1 Crisis battlesuit with two gun drones

–Warhammer Fantasy–

11 Gors
8 Ungors

7 Gors
8 Ungors
5 Centigor conversion parts (will be leftover wood elf glade riders)
1 Wargor converted from Gors
10 Chaos Hounds (wolves will be leftover goblin wolf rider parts)
Beastlord with Great Weapon

–Warriors of Chaos–
12 Chaos warriors with two hand weapons
3 Dragon Ogre conversion parts (with great weapons)
6 Chaos Ogres (with shields from warriors)

–The Empire–
20 Averland swordsmen
40 Spearmen
20 State troops
40 Halberdiers (altdorf monopose)
20 Militia
40 Crossbowmen
20 Handgunners
20 handgunners
10 Archers
30 Greatswords
25 Knights
20 metal flagellants
20 plastic flagellants
5 Outriders
3 Cannon
3 Mortar
2 Helblaster Volley Guns
Steam tank
War wagon
6 Kislev Winged lancers
5 Kislev horse archers
12 Halfling bowmen
12 Halfling Spearmen (??)
Imperial Pegasus

Warrior Priest
Many wizards
Some Elector Counts
Idol of Gork general

Various Averland-y miniatures from Mordheim warband set
Gotrek and Felix
There’s quite possibly a fair bit more here…

–High Elves–
Mage (Island of Blood)
Tiranoc chariot (plus lions)

Eternity stair
Dreadfire portal

Mighty Empires tiles

–My daughter’s models–
Brettonian Pegasus knight

10 night goblins (from paint set)
10 common goblins (from wolf riders)

–Lord of the Rings–

24 Mordor Orcs
3 Morannon Orcs
3 Mordor Uruk-hai

Mordor troll

12 Riders of Rohan

Gondor Spearmen and Archers

24 Uruk-hai of various types

–Epic Armageddon–
Various bits for Ork, Eldar and Space Marine armies and more besides..

–Blood Bowl–
Chaos team: Jacksonville Juggernaughts

~~Battlefleet Gothic~~
Space Marine battle barge

Delaque gang
Spyrer gang
Ratskin Renegades

Brother Artemis
Twin pistol chap

Various Orks

~~Space Hulk~~

It is a truly ridiculous list. The only thing more ridiculous would have been showing it to my girlfriend…

The bag in the box

February has been and gone. I had some fun painting my Gretchin and nephew Space Marines, but they’re not done yet.

Partly this is because I am slow and partly because of all the travelling. A large reason is all the crazy tidying that is finally happening in the house. A lot of my Ex’s stuff is still here, more than five years after she left, so that is being boxed up. I’m a bit of a hoarder, so there’s a lot to do.

One thing was to bring the box with the bag in down from the loft. About six or so years ago, following some dreadful argument about something or other, my now Ex took all my hobby stuff that was on a shelf upstairs, put it in a big bin bag and dropped it into the bin outside.

Obviously I retrieved the bin bag at the time, and so it went into the loft, where it would be safer. It has been well past time that I took it down, emptied it out, and sorted out the damage, if any.

Here are all of its contents on the kitchen table:
There’s a lot there! It was a lot like Christmas as I pulled model after model from the depths of the bag. This was particularly so because there were a few models I had forgotten that I had bought!

Overall there are models from two different forces in all of 40k, Fantasy, Lord of the Rings and Epic Armageddon.

In this picture you can see the Tau crisis suit with two gun drones that is painted to a basic level. There’s no highlighting or shading, but I think it looks a lot better than unpainted, and I’d be happy to have an army painted that well. I can work on fancy techniques later!

You should also be able to make out the parts for a rider of Rohan, and some assembled Kroot.

Then we have my Epic Eldar. I love the detail and style of the Epic Falcons and Vipers. As you can see I was heading for an Iyanden army.

In the foreground are some Epic Orks, based on 40mm round bases, where I’ve used polyfilla and stones to make the bases more interesting.


There follows Eowyn and some more Epic Orks. Eowyn and Faramir were my Ex’s two favourite characters from the Lord of the Rings, and I was secretly painting Eowyn as a present for her at the time this all ended up in the bin. Which is a bit unfortunate. I don’t think I ever told her that, but I guess I’ll keep Eowyn to lead my Riders of Rohan now.

The next photo shows an Imperial Pegasus, Space Marine Dreadnought and parts for an Averland Mordheim warband.

The assembled dreadnought, with assault cannon and close combat weapon, was one of the surprises in the bag. I know I have a Bjorn the Fell-handed somewhere and a Furioso dread, but I had forgotten about this one.

Other surprise models included a Beastman beastlord with great weapon, a pair of Empire wizards and Balthasar Gelt!

The Imperial Pegasus is now oop, I think. Mine came with a hole in the wing, through which I tried to put an arrow – but this has now broken.


The handgunner parts I found are one of the really old sets that came with metal arms and handguns to convert the 16 plastic state troops – shown in this photo – is that a standard as part of a command group? I also had some crossbowmen in this style, but I’m pretty sure they were actually assembled and spray-painted white.

I have so many plastic handgunners from the 6th edition starter set, and perhaps also some all-metal ones, that I think I might end up making these into swordsmen or halberdiers and not use the metal bits.


Not surprisingly, having all this stuff dumped in the bin put a stop toy hobby activity for a while. It was the release of the current Ork codex that tempted me back in, but that of course involved starting yet another new project, before any of the previous ones were finished.

I feel so lucky now to have a girlfriend who encourages me to spend time painting models. I don’t have to worry that she will throw it all out.

My inner magpie

I have previously noted that two of the reasons why I do not yet have a complete painted army are that I am a slow modeller and painter, and that I am very busy with family-related travel.

It’s fair, I think, to accept these as intrinsic attributes, and not worry too much about trying to change them. This leaves those other reasons that I can do something to improve.

One of the biggest of these has to be distractedness, or a lack of perseverance. It’s not so much that I am distracted by the latest Games Workshop release – this random walk of hobby projects is internally generated.

I just have lots of fun ideas for armies and I tend to spend too much time thinking about the destination than the journey that will bring me there. Particularly for a hobby, but often in life in general, the travel is more important than the destination. There’s no instant matter transportation in real life.

So a big challenge right now is to keep on doing the Grots, and the Orks as a whole, before starting to do anything else.

So, what’s tempting me? Dwarfs are a current obsession – in Fantasy and Lord of the Rings. I also have a Dreadfleet set to finish gluing together and paint. I keep on thinking I want to do an army of Chaos Marauder Horsemen for some reason. Another flirtation has been with Dark Eldar – the Raiders look gorgeous.

With other miniature manufacturers, I’ve also seen a number of 54mm models I really like by Andrea miniatures. It will also be a test of my resolve when the Perry miniatures latest plastic cavalry set is released.

So you can see that I am a nearly hopeless case. It has been nearly two months since I received the Grots on Christmas Day, and they aren’t finished yet. In the same time I could easily have purchased more than six times as many miniatures.

That’s what this blog is to help me avoid.

Goodbye dear weekend

It is, approximately, dinner time, and I am in Birmingham. When this day is done I will have spent about twenty hours travelling over the weekend, from Exeter to Edinburgh and back to Exeter. There and back again, if you like, but without the Trolls, Dwarves, Gold, Goblins, etc, so a bit less fun.

I did manage to paint the metal on a Grot* on Saturday morning, but this doesn’t help me to paint as much as I would like.

This isn’t a one-off occurrence. Since we arrived back from Ireland, just after New Years, I have been there and back again three times (including this weekend), and by the end of February it will be four times. I also visited my mother in Chippenham.

So that’s eight potential painting weekends, cut down to three by five weekends of travelling. And everything else that needs to be done is squashed in there too, so painting time is restricted.

That’s another reason why my progress is slow, quite apart from being a slow painter.

Why? Well, my daughter’s mother lives in Edinburgh and the travelling is so that our daughter can visit her. Such are the tangled webs we weave for ourselves.

* The second most significant achievement for my hobby was the purchase of a tin of Fox’s biscuits, that I can put some magnetised Orks into when the chocolate biscuits have been eaten.