There is a post I have been meaning to write for some time, about how excited I am by the new paints, and how they are making my painting so much more fun. Unfortunately, I haven’t touched any of my paints for the last three months or so, for one life-getting-in-the-way reason or another, and so this post has never had an opportunity to be written. In time, it will come, particularly as the days become shorter, and the weather remains resolutely wet.

However, tomorrow I will be off on holiday and, since we are planning to leave empty luggage space for cheap Bulgarian booze, I will not be taking any models with me.

I am pondering whether to take a new purchase with me, though. This is Debord’s “A Game of War” which was available at a bizarre exhibition on early board/wargames at the Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World in Haldon Forest. Has anyone played it before? What do you think?

I’ve flicked through the rules and I can make sense of it, though the communication rules are complicated when stated in words… will it be too complicated to persuade the girlfriend to play on holiday?


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