Putting the Mek into my Waaagh

I’ve just assembled the Mek from the Lootas/Burnas kit, having decided that he’s going to be central to my Waaagh. So I then have to decide whether to make Lootas or Burnas.

Lots of dakka.
Fit with my Deathskull theme.
Possibly the most reliable ranged anti-armour option in the Ork army.
One of the very few Ork units that can’t move and shoot.

Flamers don’t need to roll to hit when facing hordes.
As power weapons they don’t allow saves when fighting heavily armoured elites.
Just expensive boyz with fancy toys when it comes down to it.

So, how to decide? Lootas or Burnas? Well, which would my Mek choose? I can’t see him putting together a list of Pro’s and Con’s…

I don’t really know what my Mek is like yet, so the only way to decide is to flip a coin…and we’ll be starting with Lootas.

I think this method of deciding projects for my Mek is one that I am going to return to in the future…


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