A note of thanks

For one reason or another most of the past month has been a wash-out, in model painting terms. However, before painting the walls (and ceiling and skirting board) of the spare room, I did manage to finish the two space marines I was painting for my nephews.

Unfortunately, computer issues delay the posting of the all-important pictures, but I did receive this email about the welcome the marines had:

The painting was much admired and James and Bobby were thrilled to see their names written on the bottom.  Their fridge has a cupboard door over it but the little warriors clung effectively to the microwave and the toaster.  They have now joined an elite band of Playmobile and Lego men called the Assassins.

I later heard that the Crimson Fist marine was so inseparable from his new owner that he was taken to bed, where he was temporarily lost, causing much disappointment.

If I haven’t recruited Games Workshop at least one more customer within a couple of years then I’m not sure how else I could manage to do so.



I painted the nails/claws and teeth on my Gretchin today. It makes a big difference to how they look to have that fine detail picked out – even in a simple, amateurish manner.

I think I’m left with the eyes and the bases, and then I’m done with the Grots, and can go back to the Boyz and maybe the Deffkoptas.

Failed to find any Stirland Mud yesterday, as the GW stockist in Chippenham still had just the old paints.

New Paints!

I happened to be in town yesterday lunchtime, so I popped in to the GW to try out the new paints. Colour me impressed.

I was mainly interested in having a go with the new texture paint. I like it a lot. It’s quick and easy, and there’s potential to do interesting things by building it up into ridges and whatnot. The pots (of Armageddon Dust) that they had out were all more than half-empty though. I can see myself using this up very quickly.

I then tried Mephiston Red, the red base paint. This was good. I tried one coat followed by a shade on one part of the model, and two coats somewhere else. One coat isn’t quite enough – you could still see past the shade to where it hadn’t gone on evenly. However, two coats gives a very vibrant red over a black undercoat.

The white base – Ceramite white – was similar in needing two coats to give a good, even, bright colour over a black undercoat. That’s still miles better then what I can do with my current paints.

I have loads of paints already, but I will certainly be buying some texture and base paints as soon as possible, and probably some dry paints too.

I was excited enough to do some more painting on my Grots – most of them only need eyes and teeth painting now – so perhaps they will be ready to be based by the time I get my hands on some Stirland Mud.


I have brought the child to Scotland for this past weekend. For some reason I thought the new paints were being released yesterday, so I brought some of my models with me so I could try one of the new texture paints for basing.

Fortunately I realised my mistake before turning up at the store, so instead I had a little time to start painting a deffkopta.

It was an opportunity to test the strength of the magnets, and none of my models came loose after 480 miles of driving, so that’s a good sign.

Docbungle linked to an article about dice, so I worked out that if I rolled all my D6 the chance of not rolling any 6’s is approximately 1 in 709.