On Budget day

It’s the day of the Budget in the UK today, and so thoughts naturally turn to money, or these days, the lack of it.

I followed up my honesty about my miniature stash by sharing with my girlfriend the current retail cost of my Ork collection (about £200). You might think this is shooting myself in the foot, but we don’t have any spare money anyway, so it’s academic.

Since things started to get tight with money we began to keep a close eye on our finances. So far this year we’ve spent the same amount of money as has come in – except there’s still 11 days of March to go, and we need to buy food and fuel. so we’re going to be down a bit by the end of the month.

In April things get really interesting, because I’m expecting that we’ll be losing about £60 from the monthly budget. Consequently, I’ve started spending a lot of time in the garden in an[other] attempt to grow some food. Maybe we’ll find a lodger.

I’m a long way from being forced to take to ebay with my stash of GW miniatures, but given that I was the sort of person who used to be able to buy large amounts of stuff from GW without having to think about the price, then things do look to be tough out there.

Hopefully I will soon have enough money again to be able to make more GW purchases, and perhaps I will even have painted more of what I already have!


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