A desk of my own

..I showed the List to my girlfriend.

Why did I do such a thing?

Well, partly it was because the shiny toy syndrome was becoming strong. It’s not that I wanted her to actually stop me from buying a Necron barge, some Dwarf warriors, Tomb King chariots or a Dark Eldar raider, just that the act of publicly admitting to how many unpainted models I had would help me to control myself.

Naturally her first reactions were of amused surprise, then borderline hysterical shock. Fortunately, the List was long enough that she had recovered her poise before the end was reached.

Then she said two things. Firstly, “I suppose you’d better spend some more time painting all this,” which was followed up by, “would it help if you had the desk in the spare room to paint on?”

And so, now I have a desk of my own for hobby things.


I’d say that worked out quite well, all things considered.

Though I’m going to have to rely on my daughter buying me models for birthday/Christmas presents until, oh, about 2020 or so.


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