The List

During one of my recent >12 hour coach journeys across Britain I decided to make a list of all the Games Workshop miniatures that I own. After all these years it’s hard to keep track of all that I have, and I thought it would be worth reminding myself how many exciting models I have to paint.

As best I can I’m going to use bold to indicate models that are painted and italics for models that have at least been assembled – and possibly partly painted. Everything else is still on sprue…

–Warhammer 40,000–

Assault on Black Reach Orks:
Plastic Warboss
6 Nobz with slugga and choppa
20 Ork boyz with slugga and choppa, includes 2 with big shootas.
3 Rokkit Deffkoptas

2 boxes of Ork boyz
4 Shoota boyz
The rest of another box of Ork boyz
3 Warbikers
A Trukk
Kombi-Skorcha Nob
Other 4 Nobz from Nobz box
10 Gretchin and Runtherd
10 Gretchin and Runtherd
One box of 5 Lootas/Burnas
One box of 5 Stormboyz
A GorkaMorka Rokkit Buggy
A GorkaMorka Mek

Some GorkaMorka Bikers

~~Blood Angels~~
1 tactical squad
1 assault squad
1 devastator squad
Terminator squad
Another terminator squad
2 scout squads
1 bike squad
1 scout bike squad
Predator tank with autocannon and lascannon sponsons
Whirlwind missile tank
Baal predator tank
Land Speeder with heavy flamer and multi-melta
Furioso dreadnought

Commander Dante and Honour Guard
Death company with Rhino

Librarian terminator

~~Other space marines~~
Land Speeder
Land Raider
Assault on Black Reach dreadnought, captain, tactical squad and terminator squad
Metal assault cannon dreadnought
Bjorn the Fell-handed
Vindicare and Callidus assassins
Various tactical marines, including second edition statue marines

~~Imperial Guard~~
1 Cadian Guardsman with Aquila symbols removed
The other 19 Guardsmen from the old-style box
3 oop metal sentinels (sell on eBay?)
Leman Russ This was originally painted by my good friend Martyn for his Genestealer cult army.

12 Fire warriors
16 Kroot carnivores
4 Kroot hounds
1 Crisis battlesuit with two gun drones

–Warhammer Fantasy–

11 Gors
8 Ungors

7 Gors
8 Ungors
5 Centigor conversion parts (will be leftover wood elf glade riders)
1 Wargor converted from Gors
10 Chaos Hounds (wolves will be leftover goblin wolf rider parts)
Beastlord with Great Weapon

–Warriors of Chaos–
12 Chaos warriors with two hand weapons
3 Dragon Ogre conversion parts (with great weapons)
6 Chaos Ogres (with shields from warriors)

–The Empire–
20 Averland swordsmen
40 Spearmen
20 State troops
40 Halberdiers (altdorf monopose)
20 Militia
40 Crossbowmen
20 Handgunners
20 handgunners
10 Archers
30 Greatswords
25 Knights
20 metal flagellants
20 plastic flagellants
5 Outriders
3 Cannon
3 Mortar
2 Helblaster Volley Guns
Steam tank
War wagon
6 Kislev Winged lancers
5 Kislev horse archers
12 Halfling bowmen
12 Halfling Spearmen (??)
Imperial Pegasus

Warrior Priest
Many wizards
Some Elector Counts
Idol of Gork general

Various Averland-y miniatures from Mordheim warband set
Gotrek and Felix
There’s quite possibly a fair bit more here…

–High Elves–
Mage (Island of Blood)
Tiranoc chariot (plus lions)

Eternity stair
Dreadfire portal

Mighty Empires tiles

–My daughter’s models–
Brettonian Pegasus knight

10 night goblins (from paint set)
10 common goblins (from wolf riders)

–Lord of the Rings–

24 Mordor Orcs
3 Morannon Orcs
3 Mordor Uruk-hai

Mordor troll

12 Riders of Rohan

Gondor Spearmen and Archers

24 Uruk-hai of various types

–Epic Armageddon–
Various bits for Ork, Eldar and Space Marine armies and more besides..

–Blood Bowl–
Chaos team: Jacksonville Juggernaughts

~~Battlefleet Gothic~~
Space Marine battle barge

Delaque gang
Spyrer gang
Ratskin Renegades

Brother Artemis
Twin pistol chap

Various Orks

~~Space Hulk~~

It is a truly ridiculous list. The only thing more ridiculous would have been showing it to my girlfriend…


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