My inner magpie

I have previously noted that two of the reasons why I do not yet have a complete painted army are that I am a slow modeller and painter, and that I am very busy with family-related travel.

It’s fair, I think, to accept these as intrinsic attributes, and not worry too much about trying to change them. This leaves those other reasons that I can do something to improve.

One of the biggest of these has to be distractedness, or a lack of perseverance. It’s not so much that I am distracted by the latest Games Workshop release – this random walk of hobby projects is internally generated.

I just have lots of fun ideas for armies and I tend to spend too much time thinking about the destination than the journey that will bring me there. Particularly for a hobby, but often in life in general, the travel is more important than the destination. There’s no instant matter transportation in real life.

So a big challenge right now is to keep on doing the Grots, and the Orks as a whole, before starting to do anything else.

So, what’s tempting me? Dwarfs are a current obsession – in Fantasy and Lord of the Rings. I also have a Dreadfleet set to finish gluing together and paint. I keep on thinking I want to do an army of Chaos Marauder Horsemen for some reason. Another flirtation has been with Dark Eldar – the Raiders look gorgeous.

With other miniature manufacturers, I’ve also seen a number of 54mm models I really like by Andrea miniatures. It will also be a test of my resolve when the Perry miniatures latest plastic cavalry set is released.

So you can see that I am a nearly hopeless case. It has been nearly two months since I received the Grots on Christmas Day, and they aren’t finished yet. In the same time I could easily have purchased more than six times as many miniatures.

That’s what this blog is to help me avoid.


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