Goodbye dear weekend

It is, approximately, dinner time, and I am in Birmingham. When this day is done I will have spent about twenty hours travelling over the weekend, from Exeter to Edinburgh and back to Exeter. There and back again, if you like, but without the Trolls, Dwarves, Gold, Goblins, etc, so a bit less fun.

I did manage to paint the metal on a Grot* on Saturday morning, but this doesn’t help me to paint as much as I would like.

This isn’t a one-off occurrence. Since we arrived back from Ireland, just after New Years, I have been there and back again three times (including this weekend), and by the end of February it will be four times. I also visited my mother in Chippenham.

So that’s eight potential painting weekends, cut down to three by five weekends of travelling. And everything else that needs to be done is squashed in there too, so painting time is restricted.

That’s another reason why my progress is slow, quite apart from being a slow painter.

Why? Well, my daughter’s mother lives in Edinburgh and the travelling is so that our daughter can visit her. Such are the tangled webs we weave for ourselves.

* The second most significant achievement for my hobby was the purchase of a tin of Fox’s biscuits, that I can put some magnetised Orks into when the chocolate biscuits have been eaten.


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