New paints

I have three new colours. Liche Purple, Bubonic Brown and Bleached Bone.

The Bubonic Brown is for the last stage before yellow. I intend to go from the black undercoat to Scorched Brown, Bestial Brown, Snakebite Leather, Bubonic Brown, Sunburst Yellow. I may come to regret not picking up some Foundation Iyanden Darksun, but having a range of browns is useful in any case.

Liche Purple has been used on a Grot bandana – I’m enjoying using a random selection of colours on their clothing.

Bleached Bone is to replace one of the older paint pots in my paint box, where the lid has cracked and the paint inside.. lost.

I have quite a range of GW paints in a variety of pots. I still have some precious Emerald Green, one of the shades I really like that have been discontinued over the years. Here’s a photo with the paints in date order.

And here there are in my order of preference.

The word on the web is that there’s another big change on the way. This is always a bit of a worry – what if they stop selling my current favourite colours? (Catachan Green and Regal Blue) What if the new pots are lamentably badly designed? How large will the price hike be?

However, in general I’d say the paints are much better now then when I started, nineteen and a half years ago. What’s going to be new this time?


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