January: A microcosm of my life

January is over. My hobby progress was to magnetise the bases of most of my 500pt Ork force and those other few models I’m working on, and to undercoat the Gretchin and step-nephew Space Marines. I’m a hive of activity me.

Why so little done?

I have a busy life, with a ten year old daughter, whose mother lives at the other end of the country. Roughly one weekend in three is spent travelling to Edinburgh and back, which means the rest of my life is squeezed into a smaller space.

There are also lots of other things I like doing: knitting, reading, playing games with my girlfriend (such as Carcassonne and Bananagrams), baking and playing music.

Also, when I do hobby stuff I’m tortuously slow.

This is some parts of the explanation as to why I’ve not finished painting an army – in nearly twenty years of hobbying! The other factor is that I have been unable to stick to one project.

In the last few years I have switched between the following projects:
Blood Angels
Epic Armageddon Orks
Mordor Orcs
Beasts of Chaos
All of these projects have lasted a long time, some progress has been made, but I’ve move on before they were finished.

There have also been a few side projects, that were not quite fully-fledged army projects. This includes:
A non-Blood Angels land speeder
Tau crisis suit
Space Hulk
Epic Eldar
A Giant
Imperial Guard
And probably some others!

So, one of the things I am hoping this blog will achieve is to help me stick to one project long enough to finish, or at least so that I return to the Orks after the side project has finished.

As it is, the temptations are strong to start another army. Dark Eldar are cool, and I really like the new Necron annihilation barge. I’ve also developed a sudden hankering for Marauder Horsemen, Howling Banshees and Eternal Guard. Oh, yes, an army of Caledor, of course.

I am a hopeless case, perhaps, but if anything can save me it is a desire to play some more games and a determination to do so with a painted army. I’ve been that guy whose heavy bolters fall off because blu-tac just isn’t good enough. It’s time to make up for that.


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