On storage and transportation

When I first started in the hobby, many years ago, safely storing and transporting my models was not something I had to worry about.

If I put my models away, which happened but rarely, for I had a lot of room to leave them out, there would mostly be enough space in the handy polystyrene boxes that GW used to use as standard.

Similarly, my friends would bring their models to play with my brother and I at our house, since we had a full 8′ by 4′ board to play on. My models never had to travel anywhere.

Sadly, such a happy state of affairs now resides firmly in those halcyon days of yore and, like most hobbyists, I have to tackle the vexed question of how best to pack my models away…

I started with egg boxes. Eggs are roughly the same size as 28mm infantry models. It was in an egg box that I took my Blood Angels sergeant to an embarrassingly awful interview at GW. Not that I blame that on the egg box.

For a small number of models at a time – to put away what I was working on at the time – this was fine. A whole army? Not so much.

So I picked up one of the GW figure cases. This isn’t very satisfactory either. More interestingly posed models are awkward to put in, many are simply too big – eg Nobs – and sorting out foam for oddly shaped models – like deffkoptas – is a pain I haven’t faced up to yet.

However, last night I think I found my ideal solution. I don’t know where it is from, bit we’ve had some magnetic tape stuck to the fridge for years. Chopped up into little bits and it fits under a model base quite easily. And then, ta-da! The models will stick to a metal tin, even upside down.

Of course metal models will be too heavy, but I could always try rare earth magnets for those. Larger plastic models will need a lot of tape, but as long as I can find a supply, that won’t be a problem. I was very impressed with how securely the fairly large Assault on Black Reach Warboss was stuck to the tin lid which bodes well.

I will take a photo soon, and then it will be on with the painting.

One of the best things about this approach? I’m entirely justified in buying tins of fancy biscuits so that I can use the tins afterwards..


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