Space Marines for the nephews

Both of these Assault on Black Reach tactical marines are now assembled.

I bought AoBR for the rules and the Orks, but I’m really impressed with the quality of the space marines that are also included. It makes it tempting to buy another box before the next edition, but… well I’ll come to my vow for 2012 another time.

I’m going to paint these marines as presents for my step-nephews Bobby and James. They’re aged about 6 and 8, and they’ve been playing with the GW models my brother left at our Dad’s house. So I thought they might like some of their own.

Bobby’s favourite colour is black, but the obvious choice of Black Templars doesn’t appeal to me. So I’ve decided to go with something close to a Deathwatch scheme, which will allow me to use Imperial Fist style shoulder pads, with otherwise black armour.

James lacks a strong colour preference, so I’m free to have a try at a Crimson’s Fist marine – a chapter that has a strong appeal to me.

More news about this in January…


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