Surprises can be informative

This Christmas, for the first time in many years, I received a gift of Games Workshop miniatures.

My dearest girlfriend has long known of my hobby, but I’ve always resisted giving hints to her about models that I would like. I’ve been more interested to find out which she would choose for me.

This year she braved the local GW and picked out a box of Ork Gretchin. She said that these were the models she saw that had the most character – in particular having facial expressions that varied from the standard grimace.

To say that I am overjoyed is no exaggeration. So far six of the delightful blighters are assembled along with their runtherd.

While on my Christmas holidays I am also working on the High Elf Mage from the Island of Blood set, and a pair of Assault on Black Reach tactical marines that I am painting for my step-nephews.


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